Long Distance Travels

New EP is now available!

Long Distance Travels

New EP
is now available!


Long Distance Travels is a two track EP release. Both tracks were started during a trip over the Atlantic Ocean.

Stars of the Night is first two track EP release. Second track features the awesome guitar work by Tom Sirviö.

Singles and Remix EPs

Nightshifter is the third release, how it feels to drive in the pitch black northern night with stars twinkling above you?

Miami Overdrive Remix EP contains the original Miami Overdrive single release version plus remixes done by Cosmo Cocktail, Lovestruck Brony and Slicarus.

Lost Neon Sun Remix EP contains the original Lost Neon Sun single release version plus remixes done by Andy Fox, PersonaNonGrata and Ghostdrive.

Music and Me

I love music of all kind, from the warbling synthesizers to the heavy kicking of the double bass drums to the invigorating tones of classical masterpieces or soothing tones of soul music. Sometimes when I have a moment or two for myself, I still like to put on a favorite CD or stream a track or two and just listen to the stream of higher and lower pressure waves emanating from the speakers. It's a small magical moment when you can get lost in the music...

Releasing Music

I've been composing music since 1980's when I was a child. I've always had a high threshold to even let others listen to what I'm doing, it's been a private thing. Recent life events have made me aware that you are not going to be traveling on this earth forever. Why not make your music heard? Why keep it in secret? Someone might like it, someone might hate it, someone might not care this way or that. But if someone actually likes it, that makes everything worth it...